Points to remember as you plan a funeral


Points to remember as you plan a funeral

September 24, 2012 at 9:32 am

Death is often unexpected. As a result, family members or caregivers who are in shock – or who are working through the many emotions that follow the death of someone close to them – may have a hard time handling the logistics of a funeral.

In a piece for ThisIsKent.com, U.K.-based The Co-operative Funeralcare suggests creating a funeral arrangement checklist before making any decision, as it can be extremely useful. It will serve as a point of reference for you and anyone else engaged in the planning and will also better equip your funeral director to guide you through the process.

Use all of the resources your funeral director provides, the group also advises. These professionals have a lot of experience helping families like yours through the decisions of burial vs. cremation, picking coffins and taking care of all the other details that may not even to occur to you in your time of grief.

They are used to answering your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask about anything you are unsure of or confused about. It’s also a good idea to turn to friends and family for any suggestions or opinions they may have, the group says. Don’t take all of the responsibility upon yourself, as this can become emotionally and physically exhausting. Divide the many tasks among two or three people at least, giving everyone enough time to take breaks or step away from the planning process when necessary.

Most importantly, be sure to pace yourself. It’s easy to get exhausted before the funeral because you are trying to take care of everything in such a short time. But as the Remembrance Process points out, “even in an emergency, you have more time than you think.” Take frequent breaks and ask for help whenever you start to feel overwhelmed.

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