Funeral songs to honor your father

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Funeral songs to honor your father

June 11, 2013 at 4:40 am

Your father’s passing is a devastating event, and when you’re planning for a funeral, you want the service to reflect your dad’s unique personality and demonstrate how important he was to your family.

While creating a funeral plan may be emotionally trying, you can ensure the service honors your father and cherishes his parenting skills by creating a custom playlist.

There are plenty of songs about dads out there, but which ones will really reflect upon your father and tell the story of the special relationship he had with his children? Here are several songs that can celebrate your dad’s time as a parent and remind you of the special moments you spent together.

Funeral Songs to Honor Your Father

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“The Best Day,” George Strait. This country classic celebrates the special bonds between fathers and sons, but anyone who has had a special relationship with a parent can relate to it. The song celebrates parent-child relationships and is a sentimental choice to add to your father’s funeral playlist.

“Cat’s in the Cradle,” Harry Chapin. You may have had a special relationship with your father and spent plenty of time together, and this song reminds listeners of the importance of doing just that. It’s also an appropriate tune for those who may not have spent as much time bonding with their fathers as they may have liked.

“Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own,” U2. This more modern hit was written to honor U2 member Bono’s deceased father and makes a thoughtful addition to any funeral playlist. This song brings up the importance of strong parent-child relationships and how critical a father can be in helping their offspring, no matter how old they are.

“He Didn’t Have to Be,” Brad Paisley. If your stepfather served as an important parental figure, this is a great song choice. The strong bonds that can be created between stepfamily members are discussed in this song, and it explains that it takes a special person to become a strong father figure to a child.

“Drive,” Alan Jackson. You never forget learning how to drive, and chances are, your parents remember the experience vividly as well. This song celebrates bonding while a teen is learning to navigate behind the wheel and slowly growing up.

“My Father’s Eyes,” Eric Clapton. Everyone has heard this hit, but it may take on a special meaning once your own father has passed on, which could give it an important spot as you customize your dad’s funeral playlist. This song discusses what fathers and children want from one another and how important a role men play in their kids’ lives.

“Father to Son,” Queen. Every father gives advice, and there are likely many instances in which you wish you’d listened to your own dad’s opinions more carefully. This classic song, originally titled “Queen II,” can have a special meaning for many people and add more of a rock flair to the playlist.

“Leader of the Band,” Dan Fogelberg. This song was written about the artist’s father, and is a most appropriate addition to any father-related event. Dads are often the head of the family, and this song discusses that important role, as well as a child’s attempt to live up to the example his or her parent set.

“Father and Daughter,” Paul Simon. Any woman who has had a special relationship with her dad knows how close and important those bonds can be. This tune explores the importance of those relationships and the closeness that can develop between a father and a little girl.


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